Good health and exercise go hand in hand. A lot of people see exercise as a chore, when it doesn’t need to be. Finding the right activity that you enjoy is crucial to ensure you commit to it on a regular basis.

Participating in sports is a great way to keep active and stay healthy. Running every night can seem like a chore to most people, but if you do a sport that is enjoyable, you don’t even feel like it’s exercise! There are numerous sports that are ideal to help lose weight:
Team Sports: basketball, football, volleyball, hockey, netball
Individual Sports: running, tennis, surfing

Preventing Blisters

The more you exercise the better, but at the same time, the more you put pressure on your body. If your training gear or technique is not ideal, this is when problems can arise. Blisters are caused by friction on the skin, which can be a result of rubbing by the shoe or the sock. Once visible, they can be extremely painful and interrupt your training schedule significantly. Hence it is better to prevent blisters before they occur. Blister Proof is a simple yet highly effective product that stops blisters from forming, and keeps your skin healthy. It is inexpensive, and created by an AFL footy trainer, who is using it successfully on a number of well known players.

Managing your health can also mean getting into a good exercise routine. There are a number of opportunities out there for you to get into better shape. Zumba classes are a great idea since they are fairly low impact, high energy, and also fun to do. This is important as it doesn’t make getting healthy feel like a chore.